Welcome to CRM AdminAssist

You made the right decision implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Now, your users have the tools needed to acquire and maintain healthy relationships with your customers, members, or constituents. Just as your organization will need to grow and adapt to a changing marketplace, your CRM will need to grow and adapt as well. Realizing the full potential of Dynamics CRM and ensuring a lasting return on your investment requires professional assistance. Go beyond just “going live.”

Now Stay in Step

After “going live,” organizations often lack the culture, resources and experience to maintain requisite levels of adoption and productivity. That’s where the CRM AdminAssist program comes in. It’s an ongoing “wellness” program for your CRM users and system that keeps your staff leveraging the maxi-mum power of Dynamics CRM.

CRM AdminAssist consultants keep your users productive and efficient. We provide a level of proactive services designed to reinforce and facilitate your mission critical Dynamics CRM business processes. Your staff will have access to our certified experts for Dynamics CRM consulting and support on an as-needed basis. All for a predictable, value-driven monthly fee.

Whether you are just starting to manage your processes with Dynamics CRM or are looking for a way to move beyond your “go live” delivery of functionality, we have a plan for you.

Is CRM AdminAssist right for your company?

Generally, the answer is yes. If our team at xRM3 handled your Dynamics CRM online implementation, and you work with us already, you are absolutely ready for this program. Our implementation consultants work towards a set of best practices and ongoing goals for your system from the beginning. The CRM AdminAssist program is designed to carry that vision forward while minimizing your costs after “going live.”

If you implemented Dynamics with another partner or had someone handle it internally, we want to spend some time with you upfront reviewing your system and your goals. The success of our CRM AdminAssist program is the details and until we know yours, we can’t help drive your success.

Structured Results

  • With your monthly subscription, you will get a personalized administration plan. We will work with you to define objectives and plan them to success
  • CRM AdminAssist customers will know who to call when they have a question or need assistance with Dynamics CRM – you and your team will work with qualified and certified Dynamics CRM consultants
  • Our team will keep your team up to date proactively with system and data reviews, best practice tips, and ongoing training in all aspects of the solution
  • Access to Dynamics CRM certified experts that will address your needs and questions professionally

Maximize your investment in Dynamics CRM and your team, can you afford not to?

Let’s get busy, contact us today.