Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Updating Process Stages with Workflows

Using Business Process Flows is a great way to marry your organizations business processes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s user interface. They provide a guided path and some focus for users – both worthwhile accomplishments.

However, there may be times when all you want to do is automatically move the process stage of a record every time one or more fields have been filled with data or contain specific data.

For example, let’s assume we have the need to track the likelihood of scheduling and then completing surgeries as part of our Opportunity process. The dates and actions highlighted below represent, in order, milestones on the way to winning the Opportunity. As each milestone is met, the probability of winning the Opportunity increases.

Workflow Stages 1

The trick is to set up your workflow so that it checks the condition of the data in ‘reverse-stage’ order.

Workflow Stages 2

and so on . . . going backwards ensures that as soon as the correct condition is met, the correct stage value can be set by the workflow and then it can be stopped since only the most current process stage achieved is relevant in our example.

Naturally, each field represented by a milestone / stage must be selected in the ‘Record fields change’ list. Enjoy!!

By John Clifton, Dynamics CRM Consultant, with XRM3, a Microsoft partner specializing in Dynamics CRM consulting, implementation, integration and administrative services.  Based in San Diego County Southern California.