• Dynamics CRM Security Roles – Custom Entities Custom Role

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Security has many layers, and can get awfully sticky if you’re not careful. We start off many of our Security Role discussions by saying it’s a good GREAT idea to save the out-of-the-box Security Roles provided by CRM and copy these roles to make your changes, or make new roles altogether. This is a safety net so if your changes get the best of you and you can’t quite find your way out of the visibility, append/ append-to, or any other scenario – you have a reset or referenceable option. I so value this tip that I will add it to every post I write on the topic.

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  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM: How To Do Dependent Lookups

    You might refer to them as cascading or dynamic or dependent or . . . whatever you call them, the ability to filter the data available to the users in one field based on the value chosen in a previous field is pretty handy.  You may have seen postings about this type of functionality as it relates to option sets.  To make the values available for selection in one option set dependent upon the value selected in a ‘prior’ option set requires jscript.  For those of us who aren’t coders but still need that functionality, if we can work with lookups instead of option sets (and are using CRM 2011 or newer), dependent lookups can be helpful.  By the way, a shout out goes to Leon Tribe for his post on this subject and for inspiring me to give it a try.

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