Sitemap Edits

“Where did I put my Marketing Area?”

I received a request from a client to make a change to the sitemap and to add an entity to the Marketing sublist.  The easy way to add is to select the area to display on the entity definition UI, as below.


But when the entity was opened, the below showed.



Where are the options to display this entity?

Turns out the client requested a prior sitemap adjustment to limit the availability of all CRM records.  This could have been accomplished with security roles, but instead all the default sitemap options were removed.

To get the options back, we had to add the elements to the sitemap.  To do so, I created a solution called “Sitemap Enhancement” and added only the sitemap.  I exported the solution.  I then extracted the customization file and opened it for editing.

I have a few teammates who absolutely hate XML editing- and there are times I agree with them, but it has to be done this way.

Keeping it simple and returning the default sitemap requires a default sitemap.  I pulled my default sitemap from a trial instance as this request was for an online instance.  If you are on-premise, without a development instance you can create another organization and pull the sitemap from there, but don’t import it into your production instance.

I created a solution called Default sitemap.  I have kept a copy of a default sitemap solution, but things change.  Also, the online trial can provide the most recent additions to the sitemap.

Extract the customization files from both solutions.  Be certain to keep in separate locations as you do not want to completely overwrite the Production sitemap solution.

Inside your default sitemap, locate the area you want to add. Keeping in line with the above request, we’re going to locate Marketing.


The Marketing Area Id is “MA”.  Cut and paste the Area elements. This would include the groups and the Area terminator “</Area>”

Save your customization file.  Add the newly saved customization file to the Sitemap Enhancement solution zip folder.  Using windows explorer you just drag and drop the updated file into the zip folder.  Other archiving tools may attempt to “re-archive” the zip file which may throw the other files out of sync.  It’s best to just drag and drop.

Import your Sitemap Enhancement solution file and publish.  If there are any errors in the xml the import parser will display the error.

Once published, the Area now returns in the entity customization interface.  You can add and remove entities at will.

Next time we’ll discuss updating the sitemap to display certain areas and sections for different users.