Quick Tips: Setting Personal Options

Isn’t it lovely to customize things to meet your needs?  Dynamics CRM allows users to adjust some options to make their CRM experience even easier than it is already.

When we provide User Training for our clients, we always take a few minutes (and we do mean few, as it’s very simple) to let users know how to make some quick changes to their General Personal Options.

Start off by clicking the gear icon next to your user name.


Then ‘Options’


The General tab is the one that will allow Users to change some key selections.


The most commonly used selections will be:

• Default Pane– here Users can select the Pane and Tab they’d like to default to when opening CRM.  Some users will want to sign on and go right to the Sales area and see Contacts first.  (In addition, Users can set a specific View as their default View in CRM to narrow this down further).

 Records Per Page– options here are 25, 50, 75, 100, and 250.

 Select the default mode in Advanced Find– when opening Advanced Find, “simple” will show the Query.  Selecting “detailed” here will pull up the query as editable so the User can begin making changes and querying further right away.

The rest is quite self-explanatory, but the options we note above can help Users move even that more quickly in CRM.