Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Business Process Flow Enhancements

We often get good teasers about what’s to come in Microsoft Dynamics CRM releases, and one we waited for is the new Business Process Flow enhancements for 2015.

Many organizations have Sales Processes that may branch off into different steps dependent on a particular action in selling. Previously we could only construct a fairly one dimensional process.  As great as the initial capability is, it’s been blown out of the water by the new functionality.

The first part of the change is being able to make changes in the flow based on a field value (more on other parts of the enhancement to come).  Below is the idea of a very simple process where we might fast track a sale based on a field (purchase timeframe) having a value of Immediate. You can see that we have our first sales stage (Qualify), and a few steps called out.  Then we’ve added a branch based on the field.

Process Flow enhancements Dynamics CRM 2015

The Green “If, If Else, Else” statement area looks and functions like the Business Rules creation area. We love that!

Now we can continue our steps from this area, or add more If, Else, If Else conditions.

With the Condition Purchase Timeframe = Immediate, I move them right to the Stage “Close”- which we can see below as it’s under the condition.  This has moved right to an Opportunity.

And below we can see that if the Lead does NOT fall under this condition (Else If Purchase timeframe does not equal Immediate) it will move to the Develop stage.  Then move to Close.

Process Flow enhancements Dynamics CRM 2015a


Process Flow enhancements Dynamics CRM 2015b


In between these stages we could move back and forth through other entities, add activity records (perhaps when a Lead is Qualified, move to a Phone Call record prompting a user to follow up… something we’d often used tasks for, and those tasks were not always visited or used).

There’s a lot that can be done with the Business Process Flow. Service (Resolving cases differently based on case type/ escalation, Campaign management in Marketing, Custom Entities…) This really brings a lot to the table in Dynamics CRM to build processes even more customized to the user’s needs.

Here’s an example of what this might look like in use:

By default, we’ll get to the Lead to Opportunity Process we have Qualify, Develop, Close.

Process Flow enhancements Dynamics CRM 2015c

Now, if I change the purchase timeframe to Immediate, the condition we’ve entered will automatically, and in real-time, move us to the branch we created to take us right to close. (Because we’re in a Lead we’ll still need to Qualify to get our Opportunity.

Process Flow enhancements Dynamics CRM 2015d


Flow charts will make everyone’s life easier when building these Business Process Flows in CRM 2015, I will call that out as a big tip. Many organizations already have their flow charts, now they nestle right in to CRM! More details on the Business Process Flow, and other CRM 2015 new features, from the xRM3 team.

By Erin Karatkiewicz, Applications Consultant, with xRM3, a Microsoft Partner specializing in Dynamics CRM consulting, implementation, integration, and administrative services. Based in San Diego County Southern California.