After “going live,” organizations often lack the culture, resources and experience to maintain requisite levels of adoption and productivity. That’s where the CRM AdminAssist program comes in. It’s an ongoing “wellness” program for your CRM users and system that keeps your staff leveraging the maximum power of Dynamics CRM.

CRM AdminAssist consultants keep your users productive and efficient. We provide a level of proactive services designed to reinforce and facilitate your mission critical Dynamics CRM business processes.

Your staff will have access to our certified experts for Dynamics CRM consulting and support on an as-needed basis. All for a predictable, value-driven monthly fee.

Whether you are just starting to manage your processes with Dynamics CRM or are looking for a way to move beyond your “go live” delivery of functionality, we have a plan for you.

Your team will benefit from our Dynamics CRM Wellness Plan and having our experts working with them.

We’ll help keep your sales, marketing and service departments up-to-date with proactive system checks, data reviews, and product road map planning.

Our program includes monthly ongoing upper-level training for you and your users, as well as deep dive sessions into critical features and extended “how-to” tips.

Maximize your investment in Dynamics CRM, can you afford not to?

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