Tips on Using Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 1 Navigation

Microsoft promised fast and furious updates and they’re not disappointing. You’re no doubt getting lots of communication from Microsoft about your Dynamics CRM instance- and there’s a lot to digest and keep up with.

This release keeps the same sleek look and feel of our 2013 navigation, but has greatly improved on the Command bar features. If you encountered frustration with the “hover-ability” of the Command Bar and feeling like you were fighting to keep open what you needed to, you’re going to be thrilled with the upgrades! The navigation makes more logical use of window real estate, and now you will see entities expand downward.

CRM Navigation - Sales

Sales, Service, Marketing, and Settings are still our primary areas to work in CRM, but clicking on each then dynamically changes our displayed entities/ work options. (Sales above displays some Marketing, and below, Service (slightly enlarged when selected) shows Service items.

CRM Navigation - Marketing

Recently Viewed Items are still displayed, but now more cleanly listed. This allows us a more consolidated space to see these recently viewed records.

CRM Navigation - Recently Viewed

2015 gave us the global search and advanced find features in the ribbon bar, but this update adds a Recent Views and Recent Record icon. This can move us quickly to entities using Views we’d been using, or records.

CRM Navigation - Recent RecordsGreat improvements, CRM 2015 is coming with more and more shortcuts and improvements for users with every rollup! Next, we’ll get to show you how to customize the theme of your own environment!

By Erin Karatkiewicz, Applications Consultant, with xRM3, a Microsoft Partner specializing in Dynamics CRM consulting, implementation, integration, and administrative services. Based in San Diego County Southern California.