Duplicate Detection Rules- matching fields

My records match?

Just the other day I ran a CRM  import and was amazed CRM did not call out my duplicate data.  Why did it not fail the duplicate records during import?  I’m looking at the data.  It looks the same!



Let’s take a step back and run through the scenario.

I’m running 2013 Fall 13 On Premise (CRM 2013 Spring 13 does not have the duplicate detection “on”).  I’ve set up a duplicate detection rule to run against email addresses as below.


As you see I have criteria for Email, Email Address 2 and Email Address3.  So why doesn’t this rule flag the above records?  Clearly there are 3 fields with the same email address.

The reason this isn’t firing is because of the criteria.

The rule is comparing all 3 fields on each record.  While George Jefferson has only one email address, Mr. Jeffery has two.  George Jefferson’s Email Address 2 does not match George Jeffrey’s Email Address 2 and therefore CRM doesn’t count it as a duplicate.

If I remove Mr. Jeffery’s Email Address 2 and save the record, I receive the following:

While in theory the above rule will work most of the time, we may fall into the glitch above. If we really want to check the email addresses, we should limit the input to the primary email address field (CRM default) and remove the extra criteria on the duplicate detection rule.

This was a simple fix.  But what if we want to check all the email addresses for a matching email address? We’d have to either create a plugin, custom workflow activity or use jscript.  Where possible, keep it simple!